Valuing The Abounding Yahoo’s Core Businesses

With Yahoo attempting to separate its core businesses, it is time to estimate the value of this renowned business giant. But, this business giant reports a negative value as for now. The company which has been said to accumulate $4.5 billion as revenue is now showcasing an adverse $13 billion negative value. A company with one billion users portrays zero worth. Some of the prominent cluster operations of Yahoo include Yahoo’s Internet search engine. This search engine is the original soul of the company. It features its prominent appearance on various web browsers, mobile apps, and web pages. Yahoo’s search engines are technically supported by Microsoft and Google.

Yahoo also owns a range of communication channels that includes Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo LiveText and Yahoo groups that support group conversations. The digital content of Yahoo has also gained a wide reach. The Yahoo Finance, News and Fantasy Sports are some of the mainstays of Yahoo’s digital content. Their latest efforts on digital magazines, dedicated mobile applications for different weather forecasts and video streaming partnerships have also gained good prominence. Yahoo’s renowned social network the Tumblr and the photo sharing platform, Flickr have received huge attention. Yahoo’s recent acquisition, the Polyvore fashion site has also gained wide-ranging prominence.

While most of the revenue for Yahoo turns out from advertisements, it also manages to enhance revenue through video selling. The BrightRoll platform features different kinds of advertisements. The popular mobile analytics platform Flurry has grabbed the attention of several app developers. The small business services of Yahoo are a profitable version which mainly caters to the needs of small websites. It is one of the Yahoo’s prominent operating businesses. With a galore of such core businesses, several investors retaliate based on Yahoo’s uncertainty. Though the Yahoo’s core businesses have disappointed many stakeholders, but still it retains its worth. This business giant is sure to surpass its turmoil soon.

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