The Strong Fight Against Diabetes Is On

2The World Health Organization has decided to implement a global action to put a stop to the mounting rise of diabetes. It has also emphasized on enhancing the care for people suffering from diabetes and its various complications. Developing countries are facing a major crisis with the growing diabetes ratio. The two main risk factors for diabetes include obesity and overweight. The World Health Organization has decided to celebrate the World Health Day on April 7th by highlighting the need for action on diabetes. It is crucial to follow effective preventive measures to put an end to diabetes says WHO.

Some of the significant measures suggested by the WHO to prevent the occurrence of diabetes include improving physical activity levels, maintaining ideal body weight and practicing a healthy diet pattern. The WHO has also decided to strengthen the nation’s capacities to provide quality treatment to manage various complications of diabetes. Some of the serious complications of diabetes include kidney failure, heart attack, lower limb amputation, coma and loss of sight. It is the responsibility of every government to ensure that its citizens are receiving good health care. The government should make a priority to improve access to insulin and other essential medicines. It is important to diagnose diabetes at the early stages to effectively manage the condition.

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