Samsung – Faulty Exploding Products Cause Worry

The timing is just not right for Samsung. Hardly had consumers begun reporting the explosion of Samsung Note G7 line of smartphones in various locations, world over, when another such similar incident, this time with Samsung top load washers reported. In the case of the smartphone, the batteries were catching fire. Over a dozen smartphone cases were brought to attention and nearly 733 cases of top load washer explosions were reported.

In the case of washing machines, many consumers reported abnormal rumbling, excessive vibrations and alm
ost dislodging from the top or bottom due to disturbance while the washing process was underway. The U.S consumers filed a class-action lawsuit and consumer protection bodies in the US have issued warnings to innocent consumers regarding the safety of these washers. The consumer protection bodies who have raised objections include the Consumer Electronics Company and Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Samsung issued a statement that this defect was found in machines manufactured during March 2011 and April 2016. It has been careful in pointing out that a few top loading washers may experience abnormal vibrations while washing certain types of items. What it does not clarify is how many machines are defective and if they are or not restricted to the US alone.

To mitigate the problem they recommend users to discontinue heavy washing for example – comforters and blankets and to choose ‘low spin’ and ‘delicate wash’ options to prevent machine or property damage.

Samsung and CPSC are apparently working towards a solution for this problem. The Consumers Union, a division of the Consumers Reports magazine has suspended its recommendation of Samsung’s top load washers in the wake of disgruntled consumers and what is now being called – ‘Exploding Machines’.

As a mitigation action, Samsung and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has considered recalling nearly 2 million of its top load washing machines.

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