Prescription Opioids Causing Child Poisoning On The Rise

babyStatistical studies over the last decade have indicated a steep rise in opioid poisoning among children. Scholars and experts have been studying this phenomenon. Research in top universities is recording the rise in poisoning incidents, particularly among children and teenagers.

What Could Be The Main Reason?

The easy availability of opioid painkillers in household medicine cabinets is the single largest reason for opioid child poisoning.

These are prescription drugs, usually painkillers that are quite commonly stored in homes. Sometimes they are excess medications stored long before and forgotten but are very much in reach for a child. For example a cancer patient may be prescribed large doses of opioid drugs as painkillers. However, if a child who weighs around 30 to 50 lbs partakes drugs that are meant for a 150 lb adult, the result could be disastrous.

There is not much awareness around these prescription drugs. Doctors too are not conditioned or instructed to warn patients about these drugs being available to children. Its almost as if anyone asking you if you possessed a gun at home and have a license.
A study conducted over fifteen years of data revealed thousands of hospital discharge cases due to opioid poisoning.

Sometimes the sweet taste and availability in the form of candies or lollipops tempt children to eat them and even go overboard. The number of toddlers hospitalized has nearly doubled. The percentage of teenagers suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies is quite high compared to all other age brackets resulting in the rise of teenagers hospitalized for opioid poisoning.

Opioid medications are common prescription drugs. So the only way to mitigate this issue is by doctors, pediatricians coming together to raise awareness among patients. The doctors must instruct the patients to spread the word among family members to prevent any untoward incident owing to opioid poisoning. A good alternative is also to prescribe short-term rather than long term prescriptions, thereby not allowing for storage in easily available medicine cabinets.


Samsung – Faulty Exploding Products Cause Worry

The timing is just not right for Samsung. Hardly had consumers begun reporting the explosion of Samsung Note G7 line of smartphones in various locations, world over, when another such similar incident, this time with Samsung top load washers reported. In the case of the smartphone, the batteries were catching fire. Over a dozen smartphone cases were brought to attention and nearly 733 cases of top load washer explosions were reported.

In the case of washing machines, many consumers reported abnormal rumbling, excessive vibrations and alm
ost dislodging from the top or bottom due to disturbance while the washing process was underway. The U.S consumers filed a class-action lawsuit and consumer protection bodies in the US have issued warnings to innocent consumers regarding the safety of these washers. The consumer protection bodies who have raised objections include the Consumer Electronics Company and Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Samsung issued a statement that this defect was found in machines manufactured during March 2011 and April 2016. It has been careful in pointing out that a few top loading washers may experience abnormal vibrations while washing certain types of items. What it does not clarify is how many machines are defective and if they are or not restricted to the US alone.

To mitigate the problem they recommend users to discontinue heavy washing for example – comforters and blankets and to choose ‘low spin’ and ‘delicate wash’ options to prevent machine or property damage.

Samsung and CPSC are apparently working towards a solution for this problem. The Consumers Union, a division of the Consumers Reports magazine has suspended its recommendation of Samsung’s top load washers in the wake of disgruntled consumers and what is now being called – ‘Exploding Machines’.

As a mitigation action, Samsung and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has considered recalling nearly 2 million of its top load washing machines.

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American Presidential Campaign – Physical Fitness Versus Mental Agility

clintonvtrumpWhen it came to declaring physical fitness, Hilary and Trump made their medical records public. One if not the other between the two was the obvious choice to be deemed “physically fit”. But that was not to be the case. Between the two closely contesting candidates was the buzz of a third candidate, the Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson.

As was expected, Trump’s physician once commented that Trump would be the healthiest candidate to be ever voted. This was in complete contradiction to what was revealed during Trump’s interview at Dr.Oz Show in which his medical records and responses to questions clearly indicated that he hardly exercised, he weighed 236 lbs and was quite fond of fast food. And Donald Trump is 70 years old.

Johnson, on the other hand, was 63 year old, weighs 172 lbs, has run several marathons and trialthlon series, was a mountaineer who had climbed many a summit, including the world’s highest – Mt. Everest. His daily routine included a two hour exercise regimen prior to campaigning. According to his physician, Johnson does not smoke. Though not aregular tobacco cigarette smoker, there is some debatable information regarding his relationship with marijuana. He does not drink.

Johnson is in support of legalizing marijuana and was famous for being a user of the drug himself.

None of this really has caught the fancy of the American public because he seemed to commit quite a few blunders on what is considered to be general knowledge and current happenings. He did not know that Allepo was the Syrian city in that was infamously the epicentre of civil strife. In another instance, he was caught completely unawares when he was asked to name one foreign leader he admired. Johnson just froze and it has since then, in lighter vein, been called ‘The Allepo Moment’!

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