Important Measures To Curb The Spread Of Zika Virus

zika-fbAmong the 60 countries, Brazil tops the list to spread the transmission of Zika virus through mosquitoes. As more people travel amongst these territories, it is imperative to practice certain public health advice. On taking appropriate preventive measures, the incidence of the disease can be reduced. The World Health Organization has offered a list of recommendations to prevent the transmission of Zika virus. It is essential for pregnant women to avoid travel between these countries. People who are looking out for a travel to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics meet should accustom certain preventive measures to keep themselves safer.

The World Health Organization recommends the use of mosquito repellants to offer a prot
ection against the mosquito bites during the daytime. Wearing light colored clothes that conceal most parts of the body is ideal. Opt for accommodations with proper air-conditioning units. It is essential to avoid places that are poorly maintained as poor sanitary practices facilitate the breeding of mosquitoes. The World Health Organization has advised the Brazil Government on the various ways to alleviate the risk of Zika virus infection. Widespread measures have been taken to reduce the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes that transmit the infection. The World Health Organization has taken up stringent surveillance over the issue.

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